My name is Will Law. I am a web developer currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

I grew up in England and completed a BS in Computer Science at the University of Leeds before completing several web development and web design internships in San Francisco. I currently work at as the Business Product Manager.

I am particularly interested in open source, web standards, usability and accessability. I focus on front end devlopment, particularly JavaScript

I have a passion for bicycles, both as a machine of utility and sport. I cook and bake usually on a daily basis, knowing how food finds its way to the table is an important part of eating. Being in the outdoors in one way or other is my stress relief. Whether hiking through the forest, camping in the desert or riding my cyclo-cross bicycle as fast as I can around a park.


My résumé is available for download in the following formats: .Pdf, .Odt and .Doc.